Lighting ROI Calculator



Calculate the Return on Investment for Your Lighting Project.


The RelightDepot ROI Calculator will calculate the Return on Investment and Simple Payback Periods for your energy efficient lighting retrofit project. This calculator allows you to define multiple areas, each with different lighting systems, and select the lighting measures used to make each of these areas more energy efficient. The tool also captures the costs associated with lamps, hanging hardware, recycling, installation and certification for tax incentives and it factors in rebates that may be available from your utility company. The output is provided in a convenient report via email. Get started now to understand the financial impact of energy efficient lighting in your facility!



Capture all costs associated with your projects Understand the cost of postponing
Rank and compare multiple projects Budgetary pricing provided for all components



Simple Step-by-Step Guide


The Lighting ROI Calculator takes a step-by-step approach to gathering all project details. The calculator supplies budgetary pricing for the cost of all components in the project so that, with minimal effort, you can begin to understand the financial benefits of energy efficient lighting. Knowing the type and quantity of the existing fixtures will allow you to get a very good approximation of your project costs. The more details you provide, the more accurate the results will be.



Define Project Areas with Existing Fixtures Pick Energy Efficient Lighting Alternatives Review Results and Refine
Project Areas can be individual buildings within the facility, departments, or work areas. Any space that shares a common purpose and operating conditions can be set up as an independent Project Area. Each Project Area in the Lighting ROI Calculator shares the number of operating hours, HVAC setting, and fixture type. Once an area is defined, the ROI Calculator will ask for the details of the energy efficient measures that are being used to address the lighting in this area. Budgetary pricing is included for the fixture, controls (if any) hanging hardware, and installation. The tool also captures any rebates that may be available for this retrofit. As you progress through the questions, the tool provides an estimate of the annual savings. You can continue to enter additional areas as needed or view the detailed results. These results can also be sent via email as a PDF document. Our team of engineers and lighting specialists is available to help every step of the way.